The 411 on Preparing Land for Construction

constructionThere’s something about vacant land that can spark creativity in anyone. Like a blank canvas for a painter, a vacant lot packs with it myriad ways in which to develop and beautify the area. Of course, a civil engineer knows how to make a beautiful building from a lone piece of land, but the average person likely doesn’t. If you decide to go the self-build route, you’re going to need to know a little about what’s required to prepare vacant land for new Las Vegas construction.


All projects – including new homes – require a blank canvas from which to work. That’s why its imperative to clear the land – and clear it right. Clearing the land essentially means removing trees, bushes and other vegetation that could get in the way of new Las Vegas construction. That said, you may be interested in keeping some of the vegetation – like trees or other plants. So you’ll need to ensure these will not get in the way of Las Vegas construction – or be potentially problematic once the home is built (due to root systems, etc.). Having your home plans drafted in advance of the clearing process is vital.


While your land might be clear, a new home requires more than just a blank surface. The foundation of your home will live deep in the ground, so excavation work is necessary when preparing a lot for Las Vegas construction. Your home plans will show exactly where and how deep foundation trenches should be, but they may not reflect the nature of the soil. Your architect may need to amend the plans if the soil is not as stable as previously thought. Excavation requires heavy machinery, which most people don’t have access to. While you can likely rent this equipment, it may be advantageous to hire a professional to excavate your foundation.

All the Rest

Your home isn’t just a structure; it’s a network of utility and power lines that all work together to produce a modern dwelling. That’s why you’ll have to ensure you’ve arranged for water, electrical and gas supplies to be laid into your land prior to beginning the construction work. You’ll also need to plan for connections to sewage systems if your plot does not already have this service in place.