Sustainable Engineering Around The World

Let’s take a quick look how sustainable engineering is performed around the world.

Creating a sustainable future for our world has been a collective effort among nations, companies and people. We can agree companies around the world are becoming ever more interested in developing sustainable engineering, consequentially leading the way through their engineering innovation.

We wanted to highlight local, national, and international sustainable engineering projects that help sustain our healthy future in this wonderful world we live in.

I’d like to add that these projects are not only helping our world secure a future, but they are architecturally beautiful. One can even say that they are landmark creations that resemble art in a physical location.

Our first destination is Fukuoka, Japan. Sitting on the southern tip of Japan, a 6-hour train ride from Tokyo, we have the astonishing ACROS Fukuoka Foundation.

ACROS Fukuoka Foundation Building, Fukuoka, Japan

It’s hard to believe this building was built in April of 1995. What makes ACROS a sustainable building is it’s low energy consumption. ACROS interior design features an atrium which allows for natural lighting to fill the space.

The building is also a great example of sustainable engineering considering its perfect combination of native greenery and architectural concept, a term coined as Eco-Architecture.

Next up we have an academic focused construction located in the East Coast of USA.

Sustainability Treehouse, by Mith┼źn and BNIM, West Virginia, USA

Mithun Treehouse


The Sustainability Treehouse, certified by the Living Building Challenge , which provides “an armature for green building systems, such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and a large cistern and water cleansing system.”

Many accolades were awarded to this project including:

This project had its inception in 2011 and was completed in 2013. It certainly captures the imagination of a child when thinking about forest exploration, this building certainly describes sustainable engineering at its finest.

Finally, we are going to visit a local spot in Downtown Las Vegas. The Container Park.

Container Park, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Container Park - Sustainable Engineering Project

Located a few blocks away from the Fremont Street Experience, Container Park – a park completely built out of containers – is an eco-trendy open air shopping center with play areas, performance stage and restaurants.

The project itself is a part of an extremely ambitious project by Downtown Project, which is trying to revamp Downtown Las Vegas into a modern society by investing in renovations and new construction.

The Overall Impact of Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable engineering refers to social, environmental, and economic considerations into process and system design methods.

When considering the lifecycle of a construction during the design process, an organization can minimize environmental impacts and maximize a future where sustainable engineering is the norm.

This worldwide effort has heightened the awareness of issues in areas of sustainability, such as global warming and ice caps melting, but when a the world comes together to solve this issue, great things happen.

The team at GCW is focused on sustainable engineering and its an important factor when undergoing projects of all kinds.