Las Vegas Wash and Phase II Pedestrian Bridge Grand Opening

GCW Pedestrian Bridge Grand Opening

We are proud to announce the grand opening of our latest completed project, the Las Vegas Wash and Phase II Trail Pedestrian Bridge at Lamb Boulevard. The project officially opened on January 12th, 2015.

This bridge is part of Phase 2 of the trail construction project that runs with the Las Vegas Wash through three jurisdictions. Three miles of the trail lie within the city of Las Vegas’ Ward 3 boundaries. Construction began in February 2014 by MMC, Inc., with funding provided by the Bureau of Land Management through the sale of public lands as authorized by the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act.

Work on this project included construction of the pre-fabricated steel bridge across Lamb Boulevard, construction of a 10-foot-wide concrete shared-use trail between Lamb and Washington, with fencing, trail lights and a solar-powered flashing beacon for pedestrians at the Washington Avenue crossing. This project is part of the city’s commitment to improve walking trails and create safe routes for pedestrians. More than 200 miles of trails are planned for the valley.