Creech Air Force Base Airfield Infield Maintenance Phases 1-3

Project Type: Military
Construction Budget: $9,124,874
Client: CSC Technologies
Service Performed:
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Management

GCW Creech Air Force Base

The general scope of this design-build project is to improve non-paved airfield infield
surfaces, improve drainage structures, and stabilize disturbed surfaces per the 35%
project drawings (by others) and the technical hydrologic/hydraulic analysis report.
GCW will complete the design of the entire (all priority areas) project to a 100% level
and submit all drawings, specifications, and applicable manufacturer information
to the CSC Contracts Administrator for approval. Submittals include 65%, 90% and
100% level design packages for review and approval, including phasing plans.
Improvements consist of repairing existing or constructing new drainage structures
improvements for all priority areas as well as regrading unpaved airfield surfaces
and areas necessary to allow proper mitigation of storm flows to new and existing
drainage structures.
Finished grades of these surfaces will be brought as close as practical to those
specified in UFC 3-260-01 and Bird Airstrike Hazard (BASH) conditions will be
mitigated by the removal of wildlife-supporting vegetation to an approved off-site
location. Areas disturbed by clearing and regrading, including priority airfield areas,
will be strengthened with a soil stabilizing agent. Storm drains, drop inlets, manholes,
and headwalls will be installed. GCW is providing coordination and identification
of existing utilities including water, storm drain, sewer, communication lines, power
lines, and telephone lines. Potential utility conflicts will be identified and options
provided for relocation of existing utilities. New and replacement manhole covers
were designed with the proper weight bearing (either 50K or 75K pounds). GCW will
also provide construction staking, construction administration, testing review, and
shop drawing approvals.