Biodiesel Plant Pump Station & Pipeline

Project Type: Sewer System Rehabilitation
Client: New-Com
Service Performed:
  • Water & Sewer
  • Structural Engineering
  • Survey

GCW Biodiesel Plant Pump Station & Pipeline

The plant is located on six acres in North Las Vegas near the I-15/CC 215 North Beltway Interchange. The strategic design-build expansion includes tank farm connectivity, rail yard improvements, production facilities and waste management facility upgrades to support the research, production and resale of ASTM quality biodiesel harvested from vegetable oil, used cooking grease and animal fats. The preliminary design of the pumping system will consist of two pumps with capacity depending on client requirements, concrete pad mounted, and located outdoors with one pump reserved for redundancy. The pump system will be controlled from the plant control room and will be powered from the plant MCC. This design will provide power and control from the pumps to the plant connection points only. The pipeline alignment is assumed to follow adjacent to the UPRR alignment, on Air Force property within an existing easement. The biodiesel pipeline will extend underground from the southeast corner of the Biodiesel of Las Vegas site, to the Kinder Morgan site boundary, approximately 4900 linear feet, where it will terminate, aboveground, with a flanged connection. There may also be up two additional pipelines following the same alignment, one pipeline for diesel transfer from Kinder Morgan and one pipeline for future transfer of other products.