Flamingo & Boulder Highway North Storm Drain

Project Type: Flood Control
Construction Budget: $12,100,000
Client: Clark County Public Works
Service Performed:
  • Survey
  • Urban Arterial
  • Storm Drain
  • Hydrology
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Design
  • Grading
  • Sewer
  • Traffic Engineering
Storm Drain

GCW Flamingo & Boulder Highway

This project consisted of final design plans for CCRFCD facilities including 314 feet of 10-ft by 6-ft RCB, 901 lf of double 12-ft by 12-ft RCB, 80 lf of triple 16-ft by 6-ft RCB, 777 lf of 16-ft by 10-ft RCB, 803 lf of 15-ft by 10-ft RCB, 18- to 84-inch RCP, transitions, junctions, laterals, and drop inlets. In addition, a proposed lateral will extend approximately 800 feet west along Sahara. Improvements included major drainage facilities, confluence and transition structures, relocation of sanitary sewer lines for CCWRD and CLV, relocation and replacement of ACP water lines, pavement replacement, and signing and striping. Work included coordination meetings with CCPW, NDOT and CCRFCD.

The predesign report included a conceptual traffic analysis to evaluate construction constraints and identify a plan for project segmentation and maintenance of traffic. Work included estimates of DHVs, estimates of saturation levels at key stages, and property access evaluations. Project staging was identified to maintain 2 lanes of traffic in each direction and continuous property access. Staging concepts identified necessary cross-over detours, and included an innovative one-way couplet treatment to Sahara/Glenn Ave to maintain high capacity flows while accommodating a large work zone within the Sahara/Boulder Hwy intersection. Recommendations were detailed in color exhibits that illustrated proposed travel
lanes and clearly identified driveway impacts.