Grand Teton Storm Drain

Project Type: Drainage Facility
Budget: $6,232,000
Client: City of Las Vegas

The project consisted of final design for CCRFCD Mater Plan facilities including 2,500 lf of 8-ft by 6-ft and 1,500 lf of 10-ft by 5-ft precast RCB storm drain, transition structures, 550 lf of 18-inch to 30-inch RCP and PVC storm drain, laterals and drop inlets. GCW determined design flow rates, hydraulic analysis, pavement replacement, relocation design and coordination of power, gas, telephone and water utilities. GCW also coordinated with RFCD, utilities and other consultants. GCW completed the design in five (5) months and worked closely with the CLV and contractor throughout the CMAR delivery process. The project completed a critical section of storm drain system that protects developments that experienced severe flooding during the August 2013 flood event. Finally, the project won the 2015 APWA Project of the Year Award.