Muddy River Cooper Street Bridge

Project Type:
  • Flood Control Facility
  • Bridge
Budget: $13,700,000
Client: Clark County Public Works
Service Performed:
  • Hydraulic Analyses
  • Structural Analyses and Design
  • Surveying
  • Right-of-Way
  • Utility Coordination
  • Special Provisions
  • Cost Estimates

This project consisted of providing flood mitigation measures for approximately 4,600 LF of open channel riverine enhancement and one bridge crossing to convey 21,400 cfs through the Muddy River in Overton, Nevada. The project included preparation of design improvement plans, detailed hydraulic analyses using HEC-RAS, and structural design and analyses on the bridge crossing and other project appurtenances. Abutments are founded on multiple drilled shafts, while the three-column pier utilizes a single large diameter shaft at each pier column. Facilities include a gabion transition structure, approximately 1,500 lf of rectangular and trapezoidal concrete channel with a 150-ft bottom width and 14-feet of depth, approximately 3,100 lf of trapezoidal riprap channel with 200-400-ft bottom width and 10-12-ft of depth. The design will preserve natural meandering of the Muddy River as required by the Army Corps of Engineers 404 permit. GCW is also responsible for utility coordination, structural design services, surveying and right-of-way, and working with geotechnical subconsultants and support groups.