Tropicana Wash at Swenson Street

Project Type: Flood Control Facility
Budget: $9,131,420
Client: Clark County Public Works
Service Performed:
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Bridge Design
  • Utility Relocations
  • Agency Coordination
  • Civil Engineering
  • Traffic Control
  • Specifications
  • Bid/ Construction Support

This project consisted of final design for CCRFCD Master Plan facilities including 1,100 lf of 80-ft wide rectangular concrete channel and access ramp, 400 lf of five 14-ft by 5-ft RCBs, transition structures, 2,100 lf of 36-in RCP storm drain, laterals and drop inlets, and 200 lf of double 16.5-ft by 5-ft precast RCB culverts for the Flamingo bridge expansion. GCW determined design flow rates, hydraulic analysis, bridge design, Section 8 analysis, pavement replacement, relocation design of power, gas, telephone, and water utilities, maintenance of traffic analyses, preparation of construction documents, and survey control. GCW also coordinated with CCPW, RFCD, NDOT, UNLV, DRI, FEMA, utilities, and other consultants. Additionally, GCW detailed exhibits defining anticipated sequence of work, lane width reductions, shy distances, driveway impacts, and detour alignments meeting 35-mph design speed. The construction durations were estimated and lane closure limitations were recommended for incorporation into specifications.