LVCVA Master Plan Enhancement Program

Project Type: Ehancement
Construction Budget: $890,000,000
Client: HNTB
Service Performed:
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Design

LVCVA Enhancement Program

As a subconsultant to the master architect HNTB Nevada, GCW is providing
structural engineering services for the Central and South Hall Improvements
and Renovations as part of the LVCVA’s $890 million master plan enhancement
program. Primary elements of the project include adding meeting rooms to
support the facility’s South Hall exhibition space, and renovating and upgrading
the existing Grand Concourse and Central Hall. Other projects in the program
include improving access to and from the facility, relocating underground
storm drains and utilities, construction of an enclosed connector between the
convention center and the Las Vegas Monorail station, a Las Vegas Metropolitan
Police Department substation (another GCW civil/structural project), a Clark
County Fire Department Station and a customer service support center. Major
construction on the existing building is scheduled to begin mid-2010, the
renovation strategy is to build new facilities before taking existing venues off line.
Construction will be organized in seven to nine separate phases with much of the
work to be done during off-hours. The renovation will provide significantly more
meeting space (from 3.2 million sq ft to 3.8 million sq ft), along with improved
circulation patterns, a new day-lit front lobby, façade and interior upgrades, and
technology enhancements.