Route I-15 / I-215 Interchange Beltway Segments Section 6A

Project Type: Bridge / Highway
Construction Budget: $7,440,000
Client: Clark County Public Works
Service Performed:
  • Utility Design/Coordination
  • Roadway/Drainage design
  • Traffic Control
  • Signing
  • striping
  • lighting
  • Bridge Selection Report & Designs
  • Surveying services
  • Special Provisions
  • Cost Estimates
Route I-15 / I-215 Interchange

GCW Route Interchange Beltway Segments

Prepared preliminary and final design of portions of I-15/I-215 Interchange including portions of 2 system-to-system ramps, one local access ramp, and grade separations for I-15 over I-215. Improvements included concrete pavement, 6 bridge structures, retaining walls, barrier rails, roadway lighting, sign structures, pavement markings, and temporary detours for I-15 and Industrial Road. Bridge structures were post-tensioned concrete box girders with spans ranging from 140 to 300 feet. Project included 6,000 feet of sanitary sewer relocation, 1.5 miles of roadway/detours, and control surveys. Coordinated design activities with other consultants working on adjacent Beltway segment. Completed designs within 8 months.