Boulder Highway BRT Roadway Improvements, 8th Street to Horizon

Project Type: Transportation
Construction Budget: $41,500,000
Client: Regional Transportation Commission
Service Performed:
  • Drainage Study
  • Roadway design
  • Roadway Rehabilitation
  • Drainage analysis and design
  • Signing, striping, and signal design
  • Lighting design
  • Traffic control plans
  • Utility coordination
  • Field survey
  • Public information meetings
  • Multi-jurisdictional coordination (CCPW, CLV, COH, NDOT, CAT/MAX, FAST)
  • Special provisions
  • Cost estimating
  • Interconnect/ITS conduit/fiber optic cable design
  • Pull box/splice vault design
  • Incident detection camera system design
  • Transit signal priority
  • ITS master plan

This project included final design for the widening of Boulder Highway to provide an exclusive curb-side transit lane for approximately 15 miles. Improvements included the construction of 23 stations with concrete bus pads, full-width mill/overlay, ITS elements, BRT station infrastructure, bike lane, drainage facilities, signal modifications at 19 intersections, signing and striping improvements, ADA sidewalk ramp reconstruction, and landscaping installation and restorations. ITS improvements included over 90,000 lf of conduit, pull boxes, fiber optic cable, count stations (loop and radar), and incident management cameras. Project delivery method was CMAR and was the first horizontal roadway project to utilize CMAR in Nevada. The preliminary service included the development and analysis of a center-running BRT alternative. The project included the design of Centennial Standards consisting of sidewalk, street lighting, tree wells, and medians on Fremont Street between 8th Street and 15th Street. Pavement between 8th Street and Eastern Avenue was rehabilitated with a UTACS overlay. Project limits were within NDOT ROW and traveled through 3 local jurisdictions: City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and City of Henderson, requiring extensive coordination. Coordination was also required with RTC Transit, FAST, and utilities.