Centennial Parkway, Camino Eldorado to Lamb

Project Type:
  • Urban Arterial
  • Rehabilitation
Budget: $6,623,000
Client: City of North Las Vegas
Service Performed:
  • Urban Arterial Design
  • Roadway Rehabilitation
  • Traffic Study
  • Traffic Design
  • Hydrology/Hydraulics
  • Storm Drain
  • Water/Sewer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Utility Coordination
  • Civil Design
  • Specifications
  • Geotechnical
  • Cost Estimates
  • Survey/Right-of-Way

GCW Centennial Parkway – Camino Eldorado to Lamb

This project consisted of a traffic study and Preliminary Design Report (PDR) for full-width improvements to 4.8 miles of high-capacity 6-lane arterial roadway within 100-ft right-of-way. Improvements include PBS paving, raised median, curb & gutter, sidewalk, bus turnouts, access management channelization, signal/ITS improvements, street lighting, transitional improvements, utility coordination and relocations, and RTC roadway & CCRFCD storm drain facilities. The project included topographical mapping, right-of-way mapping and acquisition documents, corridor traffic study, geotechnical investigations, technical drainage study, corridor preservation design for water and sewer facilities, and detailed SID feasibility analyses. The design included development of curvilinear alignment around large transmission poles that maintained a 55-mph design speed and met guidance criteria of Chapter 7 of ITE’s Urban Street Geometric Design Handbook. This included 100-foot tangents between reverse curves and a 200-foot tangent at Pecos Road. This was achieved by varying the median width and developing independent control-line alignments for each direction of travel. The profile and grading design included extensive coordination with grades of existing improvements to minimize costly remove-and-replace improvements. The flaring of intersections per USD 201.1 had to consider inconsistent flarings of existing improvements. The proposed flaring was limited to locations where traffic projections warranted it, and non-standard adjustments were made to provide additional turn lanes while minimizing remove-and-replace costs where USD 201.1 flarings had not been constructed.