Westcliff Transit Center

Project Type:
  • Transit System
  • Civil Engineering Design
  • CMAR
Construction Budget: $4,724,885
Client: RTC of Southern Nevada
Service Performed:
  • Onsite/Offsite Civil Design Utility
  • Research/Design
  • Survey
  • Coordination
  • Lighting Design
  • Traffic Study
  • Specifications
  • Bid Support

GCW Westcliff Transit Center

GCW prepared preliminary and final design of the park-and-ride facility at Durango/Westcliff. The north half of the 141-space parking lot was designed for private automobiles with the south half reserved for loading and unloading of transit vehicles. The project included a turnout on Durango. Other engineering services included utility research, survey, utility design, lighting design, traffic study, PS & E preparation and bidding assistance. Survey services included control plan, easement, and right-of-way dedication descriptions. Project was designed to provide a central location for bus transfers, make a strong pedestrian connection with Angel Park, Rampart Trail, and Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex, and to encourage bus ridership. A central plaza space provides the site with a pedestrian hub. A canopy at the south end provides a shaded seating area, raised planters provide further informal seating and a 1,600 sf building provides indoor seating, restrooms, vending, and office space.