Bermuda 2745 Zone Pumping Station

Project Type: Water and Sewer
Construction Budget: $12,400,000
Client: Las Vegas Valley Water District
Service Performed:
  • Survey
  • Pipeline Design
  • Structural Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Corrosion Design
  • Hydraulic/Surge Analyses
  • Electrical Design
  • SCADA/Telemetry Design
  • Drainage/Site Civil Engineering
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • Construction Services

GCW Bermuda Zone Pumping Station

Project consists of the design and construction services for a 29 mgd capacity pumping
station with three constant speed pump assemblies, 6,250 gpm at 374 feet of head
and two constant speed pumps at 1,000 gpm and 374 feet of head (ultimate capacity
of 30 MGD with five pumps each at 6,250 gpm pumping in a 16-hour time period).
Included are a pump building, overhead bridge crane, surge arrestor assembly,
pumps, appurtenant piping, metering, and control valves, electrical and telemetry
equipment, sumps, HVAC equipment, restroom facilities, site work, off-site pipelines,
and other ancillary work as required by the Contract Documents.