Durango Hills Golf Course Pond Liner Replacement

Project Type:
  • Rehabilitation Design
  • CMAR
Construction Budget: $380,000
Client: City of Las Vegas
Service Performed:
  • Material Selection Support
  • Temporary Irrigation Plan
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Aeration System Rehab
  • Inlet/Outlet Modifications
  • Survey

GCW prepared preliminary and final design drawings for the removal and
replacement of the Durango Hills Golf Course pond liner. CMAR delivery
method was utilized to assist with pond liner material selection, temporary
irrigation alternatives, and construction schedule. Improvements included
pumping services to remove pond water, replacement of concrete
embankments, rehabilitation of aeration system, and modifications to inlets/
outlets. The Project required coordination with the Durango Hills Water
Resource Center, Durango Hills Golf Course Operators, the Las Vegas Valley
Water District, and Alliance Landscaping. GCW made recommendations on
the pond liner material and pond edge treatment with input from the project
stakeholders. Services also included surveying the existing pond bottom
surface to verify volume and depths when the pond was filled.