Pebble N2. 2 Lift Station Force Mains

Project Type: Water and Sewer
Construction Budget: $1,607,700
  • Clark County Water
  • Reclamation District
Service Performed:
  • Sewer
  • Electrical Design
  • Survey
  • Roadway Design
  • Civil Design
  • Utility Coordination.

GCW Pebble Lift Station Force Mains

Design of improvements for 800+ acre sewer collection service area to mitigate the
failure of an existing lift station to plan for increased development. Predesign included
service area modeling to account for future development, sewer modeling for existing
and future sewer extensions, modeling of existing lift station and force mains for
alternatives to temporarily improve capacity, and site selection, layout, and predesign
of proposed lift station, force mains, and gravity sewers to replace the existing station.
Phase 1 provides for the construction of 3,300 linear feet each of two force mains,
one 10-inch and one 12-inch, and the construction of 3,800 linear feet of 10-inch and
15-inch gravity sewer pipelines in the Clark County Water Reclamation District’s system
to temporarily double the capacity of the existing lift station, serve the larger force
main capacity needs of the proposed lift station, and provide new sewer service
along Pebble. The force mains and pipeline construction are located in Pebble Road
from Spencer, past Eastern, to a future lift station site west of Topaz/Goldhill. The major
items of work include force mains and gravity sewer pipeline construction, diversion
of sewage flow, completion of the open-grade and UTACS paving of Pebble Road
within the project limits, and traffic control during the construction phase. The second
project is a 3.9 mgd lift station to serve the service area and 1,000 LF of sewers, and
the abandonment of the existing lift station; plus odor control, backup power, and